Custom Exhibition Stands

If you need to have a major effect and put the opposition in the shade, you’ll require a stand that has the slippery wow consider as well as speaks to your image, and is outlined particularly around your items and administrations.

Ananta Event company’s exhibition stands grab attention; like top style outlines, they are novel and nobody is going to turn up looking in the same class as you.

Custom exhibition stands permit space for innovativeness. Participants are drawn by what they see, playing with different surfaces and hues, whilst as yet staying consistent with your Corporate Identity and expected brand message, steps your organization far from the unremarkable. Coordinating central consideration towards a recently released item or administration likewise supports people, out of unadulterated interest, to examine the new item, the rest, the real presentation stand and the organization itself.

An increasingly developing pattern spotted on custom presentation remains in the most recent year is the vital utilization of innovation such as iPads to Large AV screens, to a flawless sound system.

Custom exhibition stands are not just articulations of an organization’s corporate personality and advertising method, however they go about as a gateway of association between normal shoppers, financial specialists, and the organization itself.

Ananta Event are not only here to design and convey your stand, however as a sounding board and a group who have years of involvement in building specially designed stands and tailor every stand to our customer’s individual particulars and displaying needs. Our group of specialists who has broad learning and involvement in the field, we’ll verify that your Ideas will transform into Reality.

Our work flow process is like- Brief Requirements to Design to Production to Build-up to Hand-over.