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Event and Exhibition Branding | Sports Event Branding | Graphic Printing & Installation in Dhaka Bangladesh

Ananta Events Bangladesh is one of the leading graphic installation companies in the Dhaka, Bangladesh and we offer professional installation services for any of our printed graphics, signage, or displays. We are available every step of the way to ensure perfect implementation from site survey to project planning to final execution. Branding includes the name, logo, font, color or other identifiable features you can link to your event to help keep it foremost in their mind and make it instantly recognizable.

Event and Exhibition Venue Branding:

Ananta Events one of the reliable and experience team to make your event and exhibition venue in festive look. Before we make the scratch of based of your brand identity and events or exhibition topics. Our event and exhibition branding and installation services will cover main stage backdrop to main entry gate.

Sports Event Branding Company:

Ananta Events also renowned as sports event management company in Bangladesh. We provide a fast and reliable design and marketing service with a cost-effective approach to maximise your impact.
Sports branding needs to embrace this excitement and translate it into effective campaigns that generate interest and engagement. We have worked on grass roots, local, national and international levels - branding and organising events in many sports including Football, Cricket, Boxing and Badminton. We have 12 years’ experience on Stadium Banding services in Dhaka Stadium, Chittagong Stadium and Cox’s Bazar Stadium as well as.

Trade Show Booth Displays Professionally Installed:

Installed Graphics has cultivated a national reputation for expertly installing various types of graphics, including trade show booth displays. Experienced installers will smoothly and precisely install your booth display to ensure its professional look is an accurate reflection of your company. With Installed Graphics, you will successfully spread your brand’s message allowing you to grow your business.

Why is event branding important?

A brand is more than just a name and a logo. It conveys character, values, personality, approach to customers and so much more. It is most definitely greater than the sum of its parts and can literally make or break an event. Get it right and your event could be amazingly popular. Get it wrong and it could quickly become forgettable.

Quality Installation Services in Dhaka Bangladesh:

We make it easy to get your message to your customers and potential customers. A well-placed banner or sign can be the determining factor when providing an outstanding consumer experience. Our expert, certified installers will install your signs and banners correctly and safely. We offer a wide variety of services including trade show display, museum exhibit installs, as well as fleet, vehicle and mobile graphics.


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Event branding ideas

Here are some simple but very effective ideas for communicating your event brand, conference branding or gala.

      Design branded props

      Branding doesn’t have to be complex or expensive in its execution. A simple cardboard frame for social media, branded t-shirts or branded giveaways can help create the buzz you’re looking for to promote your event. Link the prop to the target market and intent of the event and it should work well.

      Banners and backdrops

      If you have a single entrance with photo opportunities, add the stakeholder brand alongside the event brand to the backdrop. Use banners around the event if appropriate either at height or at eye level.

      Branded food

      Never underestimate the power of event catering to make or break the experience. Use that to your advantage by branding the napkins, menus, food labels, food flags or other appropriate method. If you feed your guests well, seeing the brand at the same time creates a positive association of both.

      Brand experiences

      Use every medium your target market uses to create a coherent brand experience. Create 360 videos of the event, use branded swag bags and don’t be afraid of experiential marketing if it would work for your audience.