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Country Pavilion Booth Designer | Country Pavilion Exhibition Stand Builder Dhaka Bangladesh

Ananta Events & Expo Bangladesh is an exhibition and event consultant company, focusing on country pavilion stand design and build, booth construction in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have high quality project management staff and industries top booth designers. We create attractive practically functional relevant, sensible and creative country pavilion designs. Right way to represent your country exhibiting companies brand.

What is Country Pavilion of fair or exhibition?

An Exhibition country pavilion is a genre of building often found at large international exhibitions. Country pavilion reflects the culture, religion, and lifestyle of a country. It incorporates a series of mini exhibition stand where you can showcase your brand with your fellow exhibitors. Country pavilion encourages industry cooperation with joint promotion.

Benefits to exhibiting in a country pavilion or joint stand:

    1. We will reserve the space, often, years in advance to ensure the best positioning possible on the show floor to provide the best visibility.  
    2. Bigger space in the Trade Expos in Bangladesh = bigger opportunity for visibility in Trade Fairs in Bangladesh!
    3. New exhibitor to this show? Save money and get to know the trade show and its possibilities without the huge investment.
    4. Group onsite events can also be coordinated, such as networking events, engagement tech, or a platform for live speakers to demonstrate, hold Q&A sessions or share knowledge and other activities to draw in the crowds.
    5. Discover new industry trends, network, and create new business partnerships along with your country or industry peers where there is strength in numbers.
    6. Large pavilions generally include conference rooms to network privately and lounge space for a coffee or a break from the crowds.
    7. We have local qualified experts that will be there with you to provide onsite services, local material sourcing, translating, photography, catering and more!
    8. We have decades of experience, so we are familiar with all the ins and outs of the hall, organizers and their requirements.

Why Choose Us as country pavilion Stand builder Bangladesh?

Our 12 years long experience in exhibition industry has giving us an creative eye to design and build country pavilion display with respective country’s essence intact to it. Detailing each and every aspect varying from regional grounds, lifestyle, spirituality, culture, language to religion, we portray even the slightest country’s insight. We depict the exact message with immense significance of company groups exhibiting from the same country.

Our specialization in designing and building country specific exhibition stand booth makes us the prominent exhibition stand contractors in Bangladesh. To convert the bare space into an ideal opportunity to promote country’s brand and business, we accumulate original design concepts that best fits the industry type as well.


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