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Best Exhibition Stand Fabrication Company in Bangladesh, Best Booth Design Company in Bangladesh​. Ananta Events & Expo is the best exhibition stall design, stall fabrication, booth and trade fair stall designing interior company in Bangladesh. We provide exhibition booth design and exhibition stall fabrication with quality and we are reliable trade show stand builder and booth contractor in Bangladesh.

Exhibition Stall Design and Fabrications:

We are a Exhibition stall designer and Fabricator company in Bangladesh with in-house design studio & production factory as well as. Our dedicated client servicing team works closely with clients to ensure optimal design and fabrication. We are a team that is highly experienced in exhibitions filed for more than 12 years. We can design custom booths with different requirements and stand sizes from sketch to final booth construction.

Looking for Exhibition Stall Designer Bangladesh ?

As Exhibition Stall Designer, we have an attractive collection of Exhibition stand designs for our clients. Our in-house creative panel then decides upon the final shape using the latest industry knowledge and trends and utilizing the latest technology to forecast the final look. At this stage the specific stand outline is ready to be reviewed by master project team.

Exhibition Stand Fabricator Dhaka:

Ananta Events & Expo Ltd. the Leading Exhibition Stand Fabricator in Bangladesh Our factory has over 1000sqm, with independent workshops for AV equipment, spray painted, wood fabrication, graphics printing and storing warehouse. We can provide everything you need for your booth in an Exhibition.

We are experienced team produce Exhibition Stand Structure in factory. We usually finish the main structure of the factory and assemble them at the Exhibition or conference venue.

Exhibition Booth Construction:

Ananta Events the Booth Constructions, the exhibition stand builder has emerged as the leader in the Bangladesh Exhibition industry. With our excellent custom-built stands and modular stands, we've help your business to reach unparalleled heights. No matter what the size of your exhibition space, we are stand engineering team who creates an immersive environment and engages your attendees. We are not just trade show booth contractors; We are brand maker.

Fair / Exhibition Stall Interior Design:

Ananta Events is one of the leaders for Fair / Exhibition stall interior design in fabricator in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer you a complete turnkey service for execution stall interior design that you can rely on us to create an award winning stall. We have an in-house stall fabrication team of experienced visualizers, skilled manpower and organized project managers to arrange our stalls; Who will provide you with friendly and professional service at every step.

Exhibition Stall 3D Backlit Logo:

We are trusted by the leading brands of 3D logo cutting of exhibition stands as one of the preferred exhibition stand companies in Bangladesh. We Working with leading brands of the country, we know the importance of a Logo to brand establishment . When using our creative inputs at this stage we make sure that the final product will match the percentage with your logo.

Exhibition Booth Cleaning:

It is very important to clean the stall before the start of the exhibition, our cleaning team will keep your stall clean and tidy before the start of the exhibition.

Exhibition Booth Dismantling:

After the show ends, we will remove the stalls within the allotted time. We have trained the exhibition booth demolition team, who will do the job safely.

Exhibition Stand Storage:

We have a warehouse near the storage stand. If you wish to reuse your stand at an exhibition in the near future within 3 months, we may reserve your stand based on your request.

Renting Services:

Renting Services At your stand, we can provide almost everything you need about rent or purchase. Like Video and audio equipment, furniture, coffee machines, electric kettles, interpreters, cleaners, etc.

Official stand contractor or event management in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

We are not only a booth construction company, but also an official stand contractor or event management supplier in Bangladeshi trade show markets.

Booth Space Order:

If you want to order a raw space in Bangladeshi exhibitions, please let us know your company industry, we can find the best show and help you order the business space from organizer in directly.


Exhibition Stand Design And Build FAQs

Who are exhibition stall fabriator?

Those who Build stall at the exhibition they are called stand fabricators. Stand fabricators are constantly making new investments to create beautiful stalls. The exhibition they provides all the necessary services; they design of stalls, construction of stands, they make sure all the support what ever you need in a exhibition.

Do you offer a fulll project management service?

Yes. We will be assigned a project manager who will monitor both during the construction time and make sure the booth work going on properly as per drawing.

Will you deal with the show organisers?

Yes, We will be responsible for communicate with show organizers to ensure that your Stand complies with all rules and regulations of the event. We will also fill out all the required forms on your behalf.

What type of stands do you build?

We specialize in high quality designed Expo stands. If you want to make a real impact on your next event, contact us and we can ensure any of your ideas a reality.

Can I reuse my exhibition stand?

You absolutely can. If you include in your brief that you intended to reuse your stall, we can built it to your needs. Also, you can leave the tools with us at the end of the event and we will reserve it for you at our convenience until you need it.

How much does and exhibition stand design and build cost?

We provide a custom service to suit the needs of each client. That's why we encourage you to request a free quote according to your event.

What is include of my exhibition stand packages?

Each show is different, the organizers usually itemize what is included with the packages in their contract. You will find information in the show exhibitor manual.

What exhibition services do your provide?

We are a full-service exhibition stand contractor and provide multiple services including stand design, stand build, furniture rental, floor supervision, electronics, lighting, AV and graphic.

How long before the show will you require to sign off?

A typical six to eight weeks before the show’s opening date. However, we understand that this is not always possible. We advise clients to make sure, At least two weeks before the day of build-up.

How much will my exhibition stand cost?

Each exhibitor has its own different requirements so there is no fixed price. Not everyone has a specific need. We offer competitive price bespoke and modular stand build packages. Get a quote.

How long will take to receive and exhibition stand design and quotation?

We take every task very seriously. We place the design and quotation within five to ten working days from the initial brief date of receipt.

Why you should hire us for your next exhibition in Bangladesh?

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