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Maxima Exhibition Stand | Maxima Exhibition Booth In Dhaka Bangladesh

Maxima are carved out of aluminum structures and very durable and reusable unlike custom built stands. We offer wide range of Octanorm & Maxima exhibition Stalls which are made up of finest quality of raw material and components. Maxima Exhibition stalls is a modular stall which is well knows as economy stand. A flexible adjustable type of stand construction with simplicity and it’s easy to implement and can be easy used in any events, exhibition, etc.

Maxima Stall Specification:

Standard Size: 3 Meters x 3 Meters , 3 Meters x 2 Meters , 2 Meters x 2 Meters
Feature: Aluminum Exhibition Stand, Green & Eco Friendly. Modular Exhibition Booth Stand, easy for Setting
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Maxima System

Why you should choose Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall?

In Bangladesh wherever Events and Exhibition took place there are two variants or two options for the exhibitor, either he can design the stalls, fabricate the stalls but this process takes time to happen. Now the other option is what we called Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall they don’t take time to be installed this are modular system can be Installed and Dismantle easily.

What types of Maxima Booth / Customize Octanorm stall Available is Bangladesh?

We provide Octanorm System on rent for Easy and Speedy installation. These systems are also called as Customize Maxima Stall, Maxima Partition system, Maxima Stall, Maxima Booth, Customize Octanorm stall, Octanorm stall, Octanorm Booth, Octanorm Panels, Octanorm Table, Octanorm System Booth, Octonorm Structure, Octanorm Partition system, Exhibition Partition system and Stall Partition system.

Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall Rental Price in Dhaka Bangladesh:

As we are one of the leading exhibition logistic company in Bangladesh. We can offer you best rate for Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall Rental in Bangladesh. Our exhibition stall rental services cover all over the Bangladesh including 2 major city Chittagong and Dhaka.  The Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall Rental Price is depending on your requirement. Let us know about your requirement our team will be offer you a best price!


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