Octonorm Stall On Rent

Octonorm Stall / Shell Scheme Exhibition Stall Rental In Dhaka Bangladesh

We provide Octanorm system for easy and speedy installation. These systems are also called as Octonorm Booth, Octonorm Panels, Octonotm Table, Octonorm Sytem Booth, Octonorm Structure, Octonorm Partition System, Octonorm Stall, Maxima Partition System, Maxima Stall, Maxima Booth, Customize Octanorm Stall, Customize Maxima Stall, Exhibition Partition System & Stall Partition System.


What is Octanorm Shell scheme ?

Octanorm Shell scheme forms the basic part of any exhibition stand, giving you a blank canvas to showcase your business. An Exhibition Stall / Octonorm stall is a customizable system mostly used by Events & Exhibition organizers. It carries a Bunch of elements including, Panels, Vertical, Spotlight, a fascia name board available in varied sizes.

Octanorm Stall Specification:

Standard Size: 3 Meters x 3 Meters, 3 Meters x 2 Meters, 2 Meters x 2 Meters, 8 feet X 8 feet, 6 feet X 6 feet
Feature: Aluminum Exhibition Stand, Green & Eco Friendly. Modular Exhibition Booth Stand, easy for Setting
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Where can be use a Octanorm Shell scheme exhibition Stall?

We use it mainly for the construction of smaller standardized expositions or for the setting up of complete exhibitions. Among the biggest advantages of the Octanorm system are its variability (unlike other exhibition systems), simple assembly and compactness. This system is also marked by the quality elaboration of the elements of the system and, in the case of the white ones, cleanliness and elegance.

It has countless benefits in compare of ordinary stalls which listed below:

    • Easy Installation
    • Less Time Consuming
    • Customize System
    • Easy Handling
    • Multi-Purpose
    • Heavy-duty aluminium frame
    • Graphics can be easily changed
    • Durable and stable
    • All the colors and dimensions can be customized
    • Quick and easy assembly
    • Recyclable-economical friendly and environmental protection

What We offer with Octanorm Stalls for each exhibitor?

    • Stand fascia for company name and logo locating
    • Podium, show cases, information counter and light boxes
    • False adjustable flooring
    • Different Floor covering such as carpet, chipboard or laminate tiles
    • Wall division with laminated colorful wooden part and stand partitioning for different usage, creating meeting area presentation area, storage area

Octonorm Stall or Maxima stall Rental Price in Dhaka Bangladesh:

Ananta Events the leading exhibition logistic supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We also well knows as German Structure Tent, Customize German Hanger Tent, Aluminium German Hanger Tent, Octonorm Stall, Maxima stall rental company. We can offer you best rate for Octonorm Stall Rent in Bangladesh. Let us know about your requirement our team will be offer you a best price! Ask For Price


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